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Ancient trade in india.

What did ancient India import , export. India has had a maritime history dating back to around 4 500 years, since the Indus Valley Civilization The impetus to later re develop maritime links was trade

Indo Roman trade relations BBC News: Search for India s ancient city; Trade between the Romans and the Empires of Asia. Ancient India is in Asia now The bimos were a nice place to be The rivers were used for bathing and drinking water The deserts provide protection for the city.

The Foreign Trade and Commerce in Ancient India saw the sign of prosperity during the period beginning with the decline and full of the Mauryas till the advent of the. Trade was conducted through a barter system and a reciprocal exchange of goods for services and probably East or south India; Lapis lazuli: Baluchistan and.

Ancient Egyptian trade consisted of the gradual creation of land and sea trade routes connecting the Ancient Egyptian civilization with the Ancient India.

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