Dayz epoch aircraft trader prices bygapem118553883

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Dayz epoch aircraft trader prices.

Die Trader City Bash befindet sich im Nord Westen von Chernarus Nördlich des NW Airfields.

DayZ Epoch: The Extermination DZex So if one of you want to help, just write down the prices, size Hero Trader , Aircraft Trader Complete.

Dayz overpoch: Home Contact updating to coins system if all ready then it will be available Create a free website Powered by

Oct 15, 2015 Trader Prices differ between SQL files and Server FilesToday, 10 46 AM Hi GuysHeed some help, im trying to change the trader prices on my server and i ve hi. A2Epoch om Epoch Mod Wiki The BAF Merlin has been added to the neutral aircraft trader under Unarmed andinclude dayz epoch b.

Complete price list Epoch 3 CCG Epoch3: DayZ EpochTrader Camp Black Market Aircraft Dealer Boat Dealer.

Aircraft Dealer Helicopters Air Vehicles AutoGyro 5 Gold 3 Gold Boat Dealer Boats Armed Water Vehicles RHIB 2 10oz Gold 1 10oz Gold Boat Dealer Boats Unarmed. Dec 04, 2013 epoch how to add vehicles, weapons and ammo to sqf just search the classname of the trader you want for me it was/ Aircraft work with dayz st.

DayZ Epoch Experimental DayZ Mod for Arma 2 Add missing sensor for aircraft dealer on creased trader prices for Armed vehicles and.

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Jan 13, 2014 DayZ Forums This Topic Epoch 1 0 3 1] Indestructable Bases AI Missions Extra Weapons Balanced Map Updates more Adjusted trader prices. Jan 13, 2015 JSRS enabled Welcome to Dayz Epoch, hosted by Bash, Klen and Aircraft Dealer are safezone s DayZ Epoch rMod2 1 and Trader Prices.

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