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Jan 05, OPTIONS., W3SVC1 xxx xxx xx xxx OPTIONS 80 xxx xx Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir 5 1 CS METHOD PROPFIND

Options microsoft webdav miniredir.

Jul 03, 2005 I m getting around 50 100 OPTIONS from Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedira day I ve done dns searches on all
Apr 01, 2013 Need help with an IIS log was someone snooping around additional feature and used the default options Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir6 1. Using Apache s mod dav as the server, Samba 4 1 17 as the server and any version of Windows from 7 upwards as the client how can I mount a WebDAV share using Kerberos.
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Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir Drupal singlesignon Apache Ignoring WebDAV OPTIONS Finally found more information available on this user agent at Microsoft. Describes the WebDAV PFIND with depth value ofinfinity" is not supported in the public store that is accessible to MAPI clients such as Microsoft.

Nov 03, 2004 I think this is interesting microsoft webdav miniredir Toggle navigation They are possibly trying to use a Microsoft exploit on your Apache server OPTIONS. 4 4 Example OPTIONS Command The following is an example of an quest: OPTIONS HTTP 1 1 translate: f User Agent: Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir.

Jan 02, 2014 Once a day, WebDav is making 30K calls requests to a couple SharePoint sites Currently I have admin access to six farms, but only three or four site.

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PROPFIND requests from a Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedirmake sure theWeb Client" provider is below the normal options in WebDAV MiniRedir reports. WebDav setup improperly on SharePoint 2013 farm redirecting PROPFIND request Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedirc154 025bfa963df1 X FRAME OPTIONS.

Nov 27, 2007 I would like to know about these WebDAV entries in my IIS logOPTIONSHTTP 1 1. I m trying to use this project to integrate WebDAV into my NET MVC2 application I ve traced the traffic from Office to my WebDAV server, and compared it to this.

What areMicrosoft Office Protocol Discoveryā€¯ andOfficeLiveConnectorā€¯ and pass OPTIONS requests to my Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir.

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